POTLwe provided the music for the people of the labyrinths show at amsterdam fashion week and loved every part of it. we have put the full show online for you.
love it or hate it, the people of the labyrinths is a legendary high quality brand which is timeless and of  great influence to many designers. it was a huge honour to work for them.
the show was divided in three parts; the first part showed the history of the brand till the very first collection. we used underworld’s ‘mmm skyscraper i love you’ as a keytrack and mixed in malcolm mclaren’s ‘madame butterfly’ and samples of royal house’ ‘can you party’ and grace jones singing just one word: ‘strange…’.

the second part was a.maze, the more affordable and somewhat edgier and younger new line from the people of the labyrinths. we used light asylum’s ‘heart of dust’ and soft metal’s ‘ the cold world melts’ and added the beat from blondie’s ‘heart of glass’.
the third part was the spring summer 2013 collection for which we used lindstrom’s ‘ra-ako-st’ as a basic track and added many samples and other songs like the pet shop boys ‘discoteca’, whistles, extra horns and ending with the o’jays ‘for the love of money’.
the finale was huge and a party mayhem, the music was an edit of fat boys slim’s ‘because we can’.
have fun listening!

the people of the labyrinths

photo by peter stigter