Client: Modefabriek

Collection: inspirations for fall winter 2017-2018

Title: Fantasy Forest Fashion Show

Date: 5 shows per day on Sunday July 9 and Monday July 10, 2017

Location: RAI – on a cross road in between large fair halls

City: Amsterdam

Target: buyers, shop owners and staff, fashion industry

Input: a highly accessible sound score, fun, diverse, surprising, edgy at some points and entertaining, four inspirations: hyper trekkers, militant boy scouts, forest elves, folk witches

Décor: a surreal forest including hanging birch tree trunks, a bright pink floor with bright dark blue pathways, a small tent, chunks of wood, hanging wooden animal sculptures like hunting trophies

Mix: a 14-minute mix of layered tracks going from this into that, following the looks and inspirational moods to the second

Music: a blend of vintage and new tracks with heaps of extra beats and sound effects

Production and choreography: Joanne Schouten
Styling: Pascal-Joel Weber
Hair and make-up: Angelique Hoorn
Photo: Reinier RVDA

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