we delivered the sound score for the dennis diem fall winter 2015 show called ‘trouble in paradise’. it was all about lilith, a night creature, a sex bomb from hebrew mythology,  adam’s first wife in paradise who – in later storytelling – turned into a snake. lilith is considered to be a demon in the eyes of many, but was actual not that bad at all. she was the first feminist, a lady who wanted to rule and be on top.

we chose to go all drama for this fabulous collection. singer loes haverkort from louis v opened the show in a moon which was hang above the catwalk, she sang ‘trouble in paradise’ live over our sound score.

the clothes were breath taking: beautiful cuts and materials in bright red, black, white and nude colours. dennis diem also used the shields of actual beetles as sequins, which gave the impression of bluish and green nails.

director daan colijn did a great job once again: he used the giant led wall by showing paradise which morphed into dark cavish visuals, which gave the impression we were travelling to the depths of hell.

apart from louis v’s ‘trouble in paradise’, we used scott walker and sun o)))’s ‘brando’, an instrumental version of lana del rey’s ‘fucked my way up to the top’ and perfume genius ‘queen’. seating music was a made out of harp music by inge frimout-hei with the sounds of owls, bats and hissing snakes, to create a dangerous night in paradise feel.

dennis diem

foto peter stigter