DIEMwe provided the music for the dennis diem fall winter 2013 show and loved every part of it.
the collection was stunning. decor, visuals and attitude of the event showed amsterdam fashion week is something to be proud of, we were delighted to be part of this show.
dennis’ collection was based on florence nightingale, the superstar nurse who became a saint after the crimean war late 19th century. florence was not only known for her good deeds; people close to here knew her as an egocentric woman hunting for fame, a true saint hero bitch.

we did lots of research and used turn of the century music as walk-in, transporting the audience into a time machine to 1910. we also found ancient recordings of florence’s voice and heard she had a horrible voice: we used snippets of florence talking throughout show.
dennis wanted the egocentric no guts no glory attitude throughout the mix, and insisted on using depeche mode’s personal jesus, a song we love. we decided to go all off-beat rock and glamrock, adding sound effects of cannons, world war 1 front lines and marching drums. we used parts of songs by double o zero, the black keys, gary glitter and the klf. finale was marilyn manson’s version of personal jesus. we made sure the sound of the cannon was extra intense, the venue was under siege, in absolute shock and awe. the show got a standing ovation.

dennis diem

photo peter stigter