PHOTO © TEAM PETER STIGTER  FILENAME IS DESIGNER NAME SPRING/SUMMER 2013danish designer claes iversen presented his spring summer 2014 collection at amsterdam fashion week and we did the music. both the collection and the music were breath taking. we are almost never proud of what we do, but this one is a true gem.
the collection was inspired by summer rain and protection. claes used zillions of beads, hanging in strings to create the flow of raindrops. all pieces were perfectly tailored, we loved it.
it was clear the show had to be fresh and beautiful, but also had to have a good dose of melancholy.

we used s o h n’s the wheel as a basic track and added parts of miles davis’ nuit sur les champs-elysées (take 2) and brian eno’s the airman. miles davis’ music comes from the movie ascenseur pour l’échafaud, the scene where jeanne moreau wonders around the streets of paris by night, it was perfect for this show. we added the sound of a windscreen wiper, without over-doing it, all very subtle.
have a look at more images and a better review on the site of team peter stigter while listening to the music.

claes iversen

team peter stigter