IVERSENwe delivered the music for the claes iversen fall winter show at amsterdam fashion week.
his new haute couture collection is beautifully tailored, craftsmanship at it’s very best. claes collection is based on his favorite design ever, a dress made out of a huge ribbon. he decided to unwrap the ribbon in various ways with great results.
music wise we had to go for a pure human feel, sincere emotions, it had to be calm, elegant and warm. claes loved the idea of using electric guitars and so we did. we mixed wild nothing, chris isaak, nina june and a neil young cover by the chromatics and added extra beats for a good flow. so sit back and relax and let the music do it’s work. don’t forget to check the photos on the peter stigter website (link below) for a better feel of the show.

claes iversen

photo by peter stigter